2023 Dunlop Santa Sire Sale

1We take great pleasure in extending an invitation to our 11th annual Dunlop Santa Sire Sale to be held at ‘Jingeri’ on Saturday 2nd September 2023.

This year we offer 135 rising 2 year old bulls 


While we do single sire mate several mobs of cows, we believe that our multiple sire herd is a great strength. Due to the size and topography of many paddocks, along with the availability of surface water, multiple joining of larger mobs is more practical than single siring. This also creates a form of natural selection with the most active bulls getting the majority of the calves. There are sires used in the multiple herd that were purchased for prices in excess of $60,000. These bulls are also the sires of many of the females that may be recorded as having multiple parentage. The bulls in the sale are sire verified through DNA testing.



Pre-sale inspections are welcome

If you would like to request a catalogue contact us here with your information.