Herd Sires

Approximately 50 sires are utilised annually across the Dunlop family properties, so as you can imagine, hundreds of bulls have been used from a wide range of suppliers over the years.

Some of these studs include:
Yarrawonga,Waco, Rosevale, Eidsvold Station, Dangarfield, Glenn Oaks, Glenview, Hardigreen Park, Greenup, Wave Hill, Warenda, Balgree, Cardona, Moongana, Oakdale, Dundee, Kendara, Gyranda, Cooinda, Ibrox Park, Warrillee, Santa Park, Diamond H, Strathmore, Drensmaine, Tyndale.

Over the decades we have purchased over 50 bulls from some of these individual studs.

Unfortunately we do not photographs of many of the sires, we have included a few of the ones we do have.

Yarrawonga Merchant (P)

Yarrawonga Merchant (P)

Purchased for $30,000. He has produced many quality sons, selling to a top of $22,500 with six selling for greater than $15,000.

While now deceased, his legacy lives on with many valued females still breeding.

His greatest attributes were his growth, doing ability, fine skin, and above average scrotal.

Yarrawonga Yardstick (P)

Yarrawonga-Yardstick-(P)We were surprised to purchase this bull for only $10,500 this supported by the fact that we were offered considerably more for him not long after his purchase.

While we were looking to introduce more poll genetics into our herd, we were not willing to sacrifice growth, bone or looseness of skin. Yardstick (P) has all of these. He also has an exceptional temperament. We thought enough of him to single sire him.

There are many bulls that cost much more are not afforded this privilege and reside in the multiple sire paddocks.

Dunlop Highlander

The gentle giant. A son of the well credentialed Waco Landlord (P). At just under 2 years of age he weighed in at 943kg with an EMA of 134.

An incredibly quiet bull who carries a massive amount of beef in his hindquarter. He has the desirable quality of both high muscle and high fat. All this stands on heavy bone.

Dunlop Fonzarella (P)

Dunlop-Fonzarella-(P)Fonz is a son of the well performed Yarrawonga Merchant (P). He was retained for his poll genetics, tidy sheath and excellent temperament.

His greatest asset however, would have to be his softness and ability to lay down fat easily.

Fonzarella’s sons have sold to $9,000.

Hardigreen Park Landmark

Hardigreen-Park-LandmarkPurchased at the Santa Central sale for $10,000, a bull that we thought we would have to pay much more for.

A massive deep bodied son of Warenda Rolex.

At 3 years of age he weighed in at 1212kg with a 45cm scrotum and a 141 EMA with 18mm rump fat.

His scale and softness are two of his greatest qualities.

Hardigreen Park Kudos (P)

Hardigreen-Park-Kudos-(P)A deep bodied poll son of Kelly-Wallah Dolicus (P) who was purchased for $21,000.

Unfortunately he died prematurely. His top selling son went to the Graylyn Stud.

We do have several quality daughters in the herd, a number of which are due to calve to A.I. sires this spring.

Dunlop Elephant (P)


Dangarfield Raymondo

An extremely large framed, dark coated son of Dangarfield Lieutenant that was purchased for $10,000. He also has a very tidy underline and an exceptional nature.

Glenn Oaks A62

A large framed son of Yarrawonga Outrank (PS). A stylish bull with good Santa characteristics and a tidy sheath.

His most noted son is DUNLOP KALAHARI who sold to Dangarfield at the 2010 Santa Central sale for $28,000 (top priced horned Santa for 2010).

Diamond H G209

Purchased for $11,000. A very tropical bull with a sleek skin.

Waco Uralla

A multiple sire bull purchased for $13,000. Large deep bodied bull with exceptional raw data.

Cardona Indiana

A $15,000 sire purchased for his exceptional growth and weight for age along with his exceptionally quiet nature.

Dunlop Icon (P)

One of the biggest sires currently in use. He is big, deep, polled, very quiet, with large testicles and a fine skin.

Eidsvold Station B532

Eidsvold Station B532 was another $10,000 purchase which is utilised in the multiple sire herd at “Jingeri”. A dark, easy doing bull with high growth and desirable Santa Gertrudis characteristics.

Greenup Excalibur E18

A son of RNA Grand Champion Wilgaroon Jester (P). He is the top 1% of the Breedplan recorded part of the breed for 600 day growth and EMA.

He throws large amounts of muscle, combined with large testicles and clean underlines.

Oakdale Acorn

Top priced bull at the Heartland sale in the year he was sold. Several sons have sold into studs including Dunlop Kaiser sold to Glenn Oaks. Here he has sired sons which are in the show team.

Waco Scrooge

Purchased for $11,000 for use in the “Jingeri” multiple sire herd.

Rosevale X-Hibitionist B98

A $10,000 purchase that has been utilised in the multiple sire herd at Esk for many years. He is a deep bodied bull with a large scrotal.

Dunlop F12


Dunlop F28


Dunlop F38


Dunlop F226


Yarrawonga Artist (P)

Yarrawonga-Artist(P)A big heavy boned poll bull with good softness.

Purchased for $16,000.

Eidsvold Station Fiddler (PS)

Eidsvold-Station-Fiddler-(PS)-aA powerhouse of a bull with a deep body and exceptional finishing ability.

Drensmaine Woodstock (P)

Drensmaine-Woodstock-(P)A poll bull with great length of body.

He has a very strong muscle pattern along with a 45cm scrotum.

Dangarfield U.2. (P)

Dangarfield U.2.Purchased in 2012 for $16,000.

By the now well-known Dangarfield Quarterback (P) and out of a cow by Dunlop Donk who was purchased by Dangarfield for $26,000