A.I. Sires

Wilgaroon Grand Duke (P)

Wilgaroon-Grand-Duke-(P)(AI)(ET)Grand Duke (P) is an ET son of Waco Knight (P) out of well-performed Murrumbo Sapphire(P).

He is quiet slick skinned animal who is structurally correct.

Waco Landlord (P)

Waco-Landlord-(P)Grand champion at both Brisbane and Sydney Royals.

Landlord is a high growth bull with a lot of muscle. Yarrawonga/Waco has sold over 50 bulls by him to average close to $6,000. This does not include the sons which they have kept for their own use.

Many other studs have also used him with great success.  Sons have sold to $36,000.

Dunlop Kalahari

Dunlop-KalahariKalahari was sold to Dangarfield in 2010 for $28,000, the top priced horned Santa for the year.

Kalahari has an impeccable temperament, something which he has passed onto his progeny, according to the Adams family.

His son in this sale at lot 10 also has his fathers temperament along with his smooth solid carcase.

Ibrox Park Atlas (ET)

An older bull bred in the late 1980s. We purchased semen from the Harris family when they were dispersing the Ibrox Park Herd.

He is reputed for his length and breed character. We only have one son by him at lot 9 and we think he is a ripper.

He has good old fashioned length, bone and character combined with muscling, an excellent nature and a clean underline.

Glenn Oaks Braveheart

Glenn-Oaks-BraveheartBraveheart was sold at the Santa Central sale for $37,500. At sale time he weighed 903kg at 21 months of age.

He is a bull with good weight for age, strong bone and a docile temperament.

He has had sons sell to a top of $42,500. Braveheart is now deceased.

Tyndale Energiser (P)

A fine skinned poll bull loaded with weight and muscle. He sold for $16,000 to the Rockingham stud, topping the Heartland sale in 2011.

Dunlop Elmo (P)

Dunlop Elmo (P) was a poll son of the $30,000 Yarrawonga Merchant (P). Elmo (P) sold to Yarrawonga/Waco for $20,000 with a semen share being retained.

Waco Inventor (P)